19 the wait is on.


Looking forward to moving home next weekend (husband already moved and started his new job, it's lonely here without him).  Waiting to hear if we'll soon be the owners of this lovely house!  Things are looking optimistic and we should know sometime tomorrow.  Fingers crossed :)
Is it bad that I'm already trying to decide what color to paint the front door?  I'm open to suggestions!  Happy weekend!!

10 packing up...


And moving back to Michigan!  I apologize for the silence around here but posting anything else while waiting to announce our big move would have felt a little fake to me.  We've been busy packing, driving back and forth from Illinois to the UP, and figuring out the job situation (it has all worked out now in the best possible way).  Not to mention looking at 17 houses in 2 days!  We've found one we love so please send your good juju our way and pray that we'll finally have a home soon!

Please forgive me if I fall a little silent for awhile during the next month or two.  Hopefully I will have a little time to get some sewing done...the mattress is getting packed up this week but I cannot bear to part with my sewing machine.
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