2 the holiday season.


As I mentioned before, I love the holidays.  I couldn't hold off on decorating any longer, so when we got back from Minneapolis today I put up our Christmas tree!  I know it's not even Thanksgiving, but we are leaving to go to the UP on Wednesday so I wanted to get everything decorated before we left.  That way when we come home we'll be all set for Christmas!  I added some purple ornaments to the usual red and green this year for a little added interest.  I think I like it, although the purple ones don't really show up in pictures.

Now I just need to wrap some presents to put under the tree...

Have you put your tree up yet?


  1. the tree looks beautiful! Christmas is my favorite holiday season too and I will start decorating today.

  2. Ooooo gorgeous tree! Christmas is my all time favorite time of the year too!


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