3 my day has been made.


While taking a quick break today I clicked over to my blog feed and saw that the winner of a very popular giveaway was announced.  Usually I just scroll past them since I rarely win but today my name was in the feed!  I just won an L Letterpress Combo Kit and custom plate from Lifestyle Crafts!  

Here's what it comes with:
L Letterpress
Epic Six Letterpress and Die-cutting Tool
Clear Packing Mat with Grid
Paper Placement Guides
Ink Base
Ten A2 flat cards
Nine Printing Plates
Tube of Black Ink
Circle Cutting Dies


One Custom Printing Plate

It is safe to say that my day (and week, and month) has been made.  I'll think of it as a late birthday present!  And now I cannot wait to play with my new toy.


  1. omg. so jealous!
    also, we got your x-mas card yesterday - super cute!

  2. Wow that's so awesome!!! Congratulations!


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