1 slacker.


An entire week has gone by without a single post from me! Not good, not good at all. I don't have much of an excuse, other than I've been working on--and finished!-- my purse for Presser Foot (more posts on that next week), been prepping for another honeymoon post on a small town bride and Weddingbee, and doing one other little time sucking activity called watching Dexter. I don't know what it is about this show but I am addicted. We've watched almost all of Season 2 this past week. Like 9 episodes. That's a lot of wasted time, but I have to admit that I've enjoyed it!

We're off to Grand Rapids for a weekend of Chuck E. Cheese with the little ones (our adorable niece and nephews), and some quality time with family and friends. Is it bad that I am excited for Chuck E. Cheese?

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  1. i totally watched all of season one and season two in a three week period. it was sad, yet wonderful!


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