5 cutting complete.


I've been cutting fabric for the past few nights for my next quilt.  I finished tonight and it's finally time to start sewing.  I'm excited to put all the little blocks together, and a little nervous to see how long it will take.  It's a little bit of an ambitious project.
A houndstooth quilt!  So many little blocks!  But I can't resist the houndstooth.  It's so preppy and cute.  I didn't cut my hands on the rotary cutter while making all my pieces, so we're doing well so far.  Fingers crossed that I can get all the little squares to match up!


  1. Wow! I bet that's going to be really cute!

  2. Wow indeed! This looks like it's going to be awesome - can't wait to see how it turns out and how you did it!

  3. That's ambitious! I'm dizzy looking at all those little pieces of fabric. Which fabrics will you be using?

  4. Oh , I can't wait to see it!! Houndstooth in black and white is my all time favorite.
    Godspeed to you!!

  5. This is so cool!! I hope you don't mind, but I am blogging about it on my blog tommorrow. I just love it!! Can't wait to see how it turns out.


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