3 a new addition to my camera bag.


My camera and I are very excited to have ordered a new lens tonight!  This one to be exact.
I spent a lot of time researching lenses during the past month and kept coming back to this one.  I'm hoping it will allow me to take decent pictures of my projects, even at night.  Lately I've been having to wait until my lunch hour or the weekend to take pictures of things for this blog, and that doesn't work for tutorials when I'm doing all the steps at night!  I hate using flash so hopefully this will be a good solution for me.  I've been learning a lot more about photography lately and I'm finding myself wanting to take more and more pictures to practice.  It's kind of fun shooting in manual mode and seeing how the pictures change while adjusting the settings. I can't wait to play with my new lens!  I'm praying for fast shipping.


  1. fingers crossed for fast shipping! I hope you get your new lens very soon!

  2. You lucky duck ;) Looking forward to seeing the photos you shoot

  3. how exciting! I got the cannon 50mm f1.8 a while back...not as cool as the f1.4 but still... I really like it! way better than my kit lens ;)


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