5 lovely things: orla kiely notebooks.


I recently purchased four Orla Kiely notebooks from Gilt Groupe, and I've been in love ever since they arrived.  
These notebooks just make me so happy with their beautiful linen texture and coordinating color scheme.  The lovely print on the front doesn't hurt either!  I have to admit that I didn't really need these notebooks but if something as simple as a notebook can make me as happy as these do, why not buy them?  Even if they stay blank forever (which they won't, hopefully!) they are still pretty to look at and they make me smile.

What's making you smile today?


  1. Never heard of them before, but they sure look really nice:-)

  2. Those are SO cute! I'm so glad I couldn't log in when those were on sale, and my credit card thanks me too :)

  3. I love those! The linen texture with the print is so pretty!

  4. jealous!! i'm addicted to notebooks.. and well most office supplies!


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