5 weekend progress.


A little progress was made on the houndstooth quilt this weekend.  There is still a lot more work to do.  I've been falling back on this project lately when I'm feeling uninspired but still want to get some sewing done.  It's sort of repetitive sewing all the blocks together!  
It's nice to have a project to work on when I'm not in much of a creative mood but still want to feel productive, and I've found that it helps me to feel more inspired in the process.
Bonus: I think I've discovered a way to make a cute fabric garland while making these blocks!


  1. Oh my, that looks tedious. But it's going to be fabulous when it's finished!

  2. This looks like it is going to be fabulous! Did you ever get to finish it? I've been searching your blog for it!

  3. jillieb- I am embarrassed to say that I still haven't finished this quilt! I forgot about it until you commented...I will have to get it out again and start working on it!

  4. Yes, please! I am a sucker for houndstooth and the colors you chose, so I will watch your blog for it! :) I've never quilted before, but after reading about all of your fabulous quilts, I am dying to try!... after I finish wedding planning of course :)


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