3 lovely inspiration: color cards.


I like to do things backwards sometimes and choose a color palette for things before I have a design in mind.  I won't have a clue what type of project I am going to start, but I will already know which colors I want to use for it.  One of my best sources of color inspiration is The Inspired Bride.  Yes, it's a wedding blog and I'm already married.  But it's one of the few wedding blogs left in my reader because it focuses on design as much as it does on weddings.  Maddy puts together gorgeous color cards that are just waiting to be translated into a project.  Here are a few that I have saved in my inspiration folder.
All color cards from The Inspired Bride
This last one is my absolute favorite.  The colors are just so rich and beautiful.  It must be meant to be since her inspiration picture is a presser foot!  Now if only I could figure out the perfect project to use it on...


  1. those are gorgeous! thanks for the heads up to a great wedding site.

  2. Great color palettes! There is definitely some inspiration to be found in those!

  3. I love the palettes and can truthfully say the palettes are the first I have seen that I really like...I particularly love the colors who remain in the color but only are different shades...thanks for sharing this wedding site with us...


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