5 zebras and sisters and birthdays. oh my.


A zebra print bag for my baby sister's birthday on Saturday.
She requested a slouchy bag that would match the coin purse I made her for Christmas, except with watermelon pink on the outside.
Quite fitting for this gorgeous 15 year old, don't you think?
She's in her dance costume in this picture, she doesn't usually wear spandex and full costume makeup.  But don't you want her eyelashes?  They are seriously like a mile long.  Why didn't I get those genes? 

Anyway, back to the zebra bag.  The stripes are made of chiffon and sewn on using a zigzag stitch.
Three small strands of braided chiffon are braided a second time to make each handle.
The lining is made of dark gray linen with a few pink pockets for storage.
I hope she likes it!


  1. Oh! It's beautiful! Very adorable gift! I'm sure she'll love it :o)

  2. I can't believe how incredibly talented you are! I love all of the things you post on here!!

  3. This looks great! Your sis is gonna love it im sure ;)

  4. That is gorgeous! You make such lovely things. No pun intended!!

  5. Um, why wouldn't your sister like it- that is an AMAZING purse for a 15 year old to carry :) All her friends are going to want one now!


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