9 another market tote.


This time in aqua.  And natural linen of course.
Topstitched with goldenrod thread.
Lined with linen.
The pink market tote was a little small for groceries, but this one is the perfect size!
I need to make a brown one next.  I've been informed that the aqua is not manly enough for my husband to bring this one out in public.  He suggested a Minnesota Twins one, but I'm probably going to veto that idea.  I'm not a big fan of novelty fabrics!


  1. love it;}
    i wish i had your talent!

  2. Very nice, I like the combination of the two fabrics used!

  3. Those are beautiful bags -- do you think you will have tutorial on them? What about your ruffled quilt? I love your work!

  4. Again, so cute! Do you use a pattern for these?

  5. These would be great for a day at the beach! I hear you on the themed prints, not gonna happen in this house :) My hubby and I have the same problem with diaper bags- if it's not manly enough, he won't carry it. Can't say I blame him though.

    Great job on the tote, it turned out awesome :)

  6. Ahh... herringbone. If only my husband liked it!
    You are so talented. Maybe you should start selling these bags. I know I would buy one!!!

  7. My husband would want the Twins one too, but I think I like your color choices more!


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