6 note to self.


Measure twice.
Cut once.
Why yes, I did cut the largest and most important block of this quilt an inch and a half too short and now I have to buy more fabric.  Will I ever learn?  Probably not.

Also, after one day, my market tote giveaway has 481 comments!  Thank you all so much for entering! It's been so fun reading all of your comments and gaining so many new followers!  Haven't entered yet?  You have until the end of Thursday!


  1. oh no!!! it makes me nuts when i cut wrong...even more when it is a integral piece!!!

  2. sorry that you cut it too short. must be such a bummer, but dont worry, I would of done the same ;)

    Its looking awesome though :) You rock!!!

  3. I can totally relate. It's amazing how 1/2 an inch of something can really tick you off! :)

    Now off to enter your giveaway! :)

  4. I do this all the time. I love the fabrics you're using though...

  5. Oh shoot, this has happened to all of us at one time or another. Will you be able to use that fabric for something else?

  6. Ouch. Too short never is much fun. I've done that way more times than I care to admit. GREAT tutorial though. I came to see what you were giving away and found a wonderful tutorial. Thank you so much for this.


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