6 a bar and a pig.


I haven't mentioned this here because it's not really related to my blog but my dad is opening a bar in our hometown soon.  He purchased a building last fall that needed quite a bit of work and he's been making a ton of progress on fixing it up.  It's not open yet but I'll share pictures of it when it's done...you know, just in case any of you feel like making a trip to the UP to check it out!  

While we were home a couple weekends ago, my sister and I designed a sign to put outside in front of the bar.  The bar is called "The White House" because...well, it's a white house, and also because it's going to have a political theme to it.  It's actually a tavern and grill, and they'll be serving foods like pulled pork, barbequed ribs, chicken, etc.  I came across this picture of a pig on Just Something I Made last year sometime, long before my dad even knew what he was going to call the place, and sent it to him so he'd have something to put on his business plan.  He loved the artwork so when it came time to design the logo for the bar, he asked if I could use the pig picture.  I went back to the JSIM website to check the copyright information, only to find out that the artwork came from a cookbook made in 1887.  I was a little shocked when I read where the artwork was from... the White House Cookbook!  
It seems like the bar and the pig were a match made in heaven.  Or at least in 1887!  Needless to say, we immediately bought the cookbook on eBay.  And then we put together a proper sign for The White House Tavern & Grill.  Complete with a pig, of course!
Hopefully when we go back this weekend the sign will be up so I can share pictures of the finished product!  I'll be sharing some progress pictures of The White House in the next couple weeks, since it's the only project I plan to work on while we're on vacation! (3 more days of work and counting!)


  1. That must be a sign! what are the chances that the book would be called The White House too?! Amazing :)

  2. Talk about a coincidence. We are actually discussing a UP trip the next time we head to Mich to visit family so maybe we'll drop in.

  3. Pretty cool discovery :) The sign looks great, I'm looking forward to seeing more photos!

  4. Holly, it's a sign... literally! I love what you and your sister came up with! Doesn't Cathe of JSIM offer up some of the best inspiration? :o)

  5. What a cool story! It was meant to be.


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