6 mason lee.


I have a new nephew!  Mason Lee was born this afternoon and he is super cute even in this blurry picture.
Now I'm counting down the days (17) until we can meet this little guy.  

Cute story...my niece Aliyah (Mason's cousin) found out it was a boy and started sobbing.  She is the only girl so far with 3 brothers and now 2 boy cousins!  She was really hoping for a girl so she would have someone to  play with.  She has now given up all hope for any other girls in the family.  I guess she'll have to keep playing baseball with the boys!  


  1. awwww what a cutie patootie!! congrats on being an auntie, i'm sure you will fall in love with him and spoil him crazy!!

  2. Aww congrats!! And another aww to your niece..that's precious!

  3. Congrats to the whole family. I know things are tough for your niece right now, but growing up as a guy's girl has its advantages in the end.

  4. aww congrats on being an aunt again!

  5. How adorable! Congrats!

    Your blog is amazing! I found it from sew mama sew...I hope you don't mind if I follow! It is so gorgeous and inspirational! And you are so talented! Baking, and sewing and writing oh wow!

    Thanks for sharing!


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