4 more modern meadow.


So when I said I'd blog about this quilt last week, what I really meant was this week.  Maybe.  If my quilt holder-upper gets off work before it's dark outside at some point between now and Friday.  Unfortunately I can't make any promises because holding up quilts doesn't pay the bills.  What I can do though is give you a quick shot of the back so I can at least say that I blogged about it.
I suppose I could get more creative with my quilt pictures rather than relying on my husband to hold them up all the time.  Maybe I'll work on that this week!


  1. so pretty! I really want some modern meadow!

  2. :-D

    I use tools (like hammers and such) to weight the top so I can hang it over the entry way stairs outside.(our house is just high enough)

    But I'm really excited to see it! :)

  3. Will you come to Seattle and teach me to quilt?


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