9 quilted.


The 2D Zoo quilt has been quilted.  Again with the straight lines...I may need to branch out soon.
I spent a couple hours yesterday and most of the day today putting this together after getting back from my work trip on Friday night.  I was feeling behind on sewing after being gone for so long, so it feels good to be back on schedule.
Now all that's left is to make and sew on the binding, which I can hopefully get to tomorrow!
In other weekend events, I saw Inception this weekend and thought it was pretty good!  Did anyone else see it?  What did you think?


  1. You can totes blame me for the straight lines, haha! Looks good and can't wait to see it all done!! Thank you pretty lady!

  2. love the lines...they are always my preferred quilting method.

  3. Beautiful, Holly. I can't wait to have an excuse to hire you to make me something gorgeous like this :)

  4. I'm also a straight line quilter. I love all the prints you used and the colors are so bright. It's looking great from here.

    Sorry, haven't seen it yet. But I'm hoping for a date night this coming weekend.

  5. My machine isn't great at free-motion (or I'm not great... but I'll blame it on the machine), so I do a lot with the walking foot.

    It looks good, though it gets a bit boring to sew at times).

    cute quilt Holly...I haven't got back in the groove post-vacation yet... need to.

    Haven't seen Inception, but want to. Gonna have to find a babysitter. :)

  6. Inception renewed my childhood crush of Leonardo DiCaprio FULL STRENGTH. Sigh :)

    Beautiful quilt - I love seeing what you do and then kinda copying it :)

  7. Love the fabrics. Which ones did you use? I know the 2D ones but I'm not familar with any of the others.


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