8 office/sewing room inspiration.


Making the switch to telecommuting for my job everyday means that while we haven't even closed on our house yet, I really needed to start planning so the transition once we finally move in will be as smooth as possible.  With a four bedroom house and only two of us to live in it at the moment, I get to turn one of the bedrooms into my very own office/sewing room combo.  I am so excited for this room to come together.  I did some online shopping to figure out what type of furniture I wanted, first without any sort of budget in mind. I find it easiest to pick out the things I like first and then figure out what I can scale back, what I can make, and if I can find something comparable at a cheaper price to save money.

I first fell in love with the idea of a white desk, something simple with clean lines that had a few drawers to store my office supplies in because I don't really like to clutter my work surface with all of that stuff.  This one from Crate & Barrel fit my parameters perfectly.
I also need a filing cabinet.  I don't have a ton of files for work, but I have enough to know that I need a place to put them all.  The first place I looked was in the same line of furniture at C&B, where I found this credenza that matched nicely with the Spotlight Desk (on the left in this photo).
Great.  Next (and most importantly) I need a place to put my fabric.  This is my sewing room too remember!  After looking at the picture above, I noticed the bookcases that also match the desk and credenza.  Perfect, minus the price since I want to line them all along one whole wall.
Then of course, I need a place to sit.  Something that I can adjust the height on is ideal, since I want to use the same chair at my desk and when using my sewing/cutting table which is much higher than a desk.  I thought this one looked nice and also seems comfortable enough to sit in for 8+ hours every day.
Okay, so I have a bunch of white furniture, a black sewing table that I already own, and I'm planning to paint the entire room in some shade of gray, which happens to be my favorite color (or non-color?).  Now I need to figure out how I could add some pops of color to the room so it wouldn't look like a black and white film.  After looking at so many pictures from C&B of this furniture combo, the lemongrass and plum combination seemed like a clear choice for the room.  

Color scheme complete.  The other major element I want for the room is a place for my visitors to sit, in case my husband feels like coming to talk to me while I'm cutting fabric or sewing.  The storage ottomans shown in all of the pictures of the office furniture were calling my name, especially in the lemongrass color.  And bonus -- they can be used as extra seating, a place to put my feet up, and for storage.
All that's left is adding a little pop of plum in the room, and what better way to do that than with a pretty wool rug?
I drew out a little estimated version of the way the furniture would look in the room in Illustrator so I could see it to scale.  I made sure to add the prices as a way to remind myself that this exact room will never happen!
So now you know where my office inspiration came from.  Thank you Crate & Barrel.  If only I could afford to buy everything in the store!  Not to worry, I did come back to reality (we do have other rooms we need to furnish, not just my office/sewing room and I do not plan on spending a fortune on this room).  We did a little office shopping this weekend so I'll be giving you another update on this room soon!  


  1. I have always loved C&B! We used to live near a fantastic 3 story one and we'd just go visit and drool :-)

    Love all your choices! Oh, and I'm LOVING those Christmas tree tabletop decorations in the first picture!

  2. can I come sew with you!?! :)


  3. I am moving into a new place this week and have been wondering how to combine my sewing area and living room. You gave me some great ideas, thanks!

  4. I can't see the last picture/layout- boo hoo :( I love the purple/yellow/grey color combo! I also can't wait to see your scaled back version!

  5. It will be excited to look over your shoulder!
    Great inspiration!

  6. What fun! I love your furniture and color choices!

    Unfortunately, I can't see your room layout.

  7. What great inspiration! The colors remind me of your wedding colors, which is a great thing! I'm trying to figure out pant colors right now...what a process!

  8. This is so helpful... we're redoing our office now and it's almost overwhelming! We've painted it a beautiful shade of blue but I'm lost after that. You've got some great ideas!


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