4 guest bedroom progress.


Thank you for all of the wonderful blog feedback you've given me through the giveaway comments!  You still have a few days to enter. Of course tutorials are #1 on the list of things you want more of, and I do promise to get some more of those up eventually. But it sounds like you also want to hear more about our house, and that is something I can give you right now!

I got the bed set up in the guest room yesterday. The house is looking a little more put together every day, but we still have some unpacking left to do. Of course we still need to paint and figure out furniture for the rest of this room, but I'm happy with how the bed looks for now.
Of course what you don't see in this picture is all of the mess piled up in the bedroom. Let's keep it real, shall we?
Empty boxes, martini glasses (not sure why those are in here), butterflies and a ceiling fan. Just what I want for our guest bedroom! As you can see I've got some paint swatches up on the wall (I'm thinking a purplish gray would look nice in here), but we've got a few other rooms to paint before we get to this one. We start the kitchen and back hallway this weekend, so you'll hear more from me on that project soon. Happy Friday!


  1. Thank you for 'keeping it real' - it makes me feel so much better about the state of our guest bedroom. :)

  2. What a beautiful bed. Lucky guests!

  3. Is that a butterfly border I spy in the keeping it real photo? I think your previous homeowners could have been BFF with our previous homeowners! Love the purple gray idea instead ;)

  4. LOL! I love the keeping it real pic. That's a huge guest bedroom! Awesome. I am going to enjoy all the future decorating pics coming from you.

    (And that's a cute bed!)


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