3 snowmageddon.


Sorry it's been a little quiet around here this week.  It's been an interesting one for me.  Here's a summary.

-Traveled to the Boston area for work on Monday....the weather was perfect!
-Had my annual review
-Got a raise
-Got a promotion
-Sushi for dinner (I've been having withdrawals.  Did you know there is not a single sushi place in the Iron Mountain area?  So sad!)
-Snowmageddon started on Tuesday.  Everyone left the office before noon.  I stayed since my hotel was only 2 miles away.
-Shoveled a ton of snow off the rental car with those cheap tiny snowbrushes they provide you with.  Couldn't even reach the middle.
-Got to my hotel safely 
-Had to cancel dinner with my twin :(
-Sat in my hotel room all night
-Woke up to a snow day
-Debated when the best time to drive up to Manchester was while watching the weather
-Drove through the sleet and snow this morning while barely being able to see because my wipers were frozen and hoped I wouldn't die
-Made it here safely
-Went to the mall (there was no one there and half the stores were closed)
-Bought a new pair of jeans!
-Checked in to my hotel room, Skyped with my sister, and took a nap
-Bored in my room, wishing I had brought a little project to work on
Now I'm sitting here praying for my flight to leave tomorrow morning.  I want to go home!  There's less snow there.  


  1. I don't remember how I found your blog, but I've been a reader and admirer of your blog for a while. This post caught me by surprise b/c you are very near where I am! (I'm in Concord)... and my name is Holly, too, AND I have a twin... bizarre. I hope that doesn't sound too odd. I just think it's funny when "blog world" and "real world" intersect!

  2. And you didn't tell me you were coming to the Boston area because, why?

  3. Yay for the raise and promotion!!!
    We'll celebrate double next time :)


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