3 wishing for spring.


It's been kind of depressing outside lately.  Wet, cold, and dreary.  We are supposed to get 10+ inches of snow tonight.  Of course, since pretty much all of the snow melted yesterday, we have to get hit with another snowstorm!  I've been staying busy inside, working on some market totes. 

I came up with a new and improved method of writing out my logo...using my free motion foot on my machine!  It's much faster than embroidering it.
Starting a new quilt...in bright, springy solids.
I also did some furniture shopping and thrifting recently; the spoils of those trips will be coming soon!


  1. Someday I hope i can FMQ my logo. Yours looks lovely!

  2. You got the snow and down here under the Bridge we got the ice! I hunkered down last night and went to town on a few {belated} bee blocks. I pulled out your market tote pattern earlier this week and aim to put a few of those through my machine, too. I love how sturdy they sew up!

  3. I love the fabric in the second photo! :)


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