7 pretty little pouch swap complete.


This is a few weeks late, but I wanted to share the packages I sent and received for the Pretty {little} Pouch Swap.
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My partner was one of the swap organizers, Michelle from i like orange, too!  I was really excited to have her as my partner because we have similar styles and I was confident I could come up with something that she'd like.  I took inspiration from her swap mosaic and noticed lots of Echino, some linen, and a pouch with ruffles and I went from there for the first pouch.  I made sure it was pretty large and had gussets because she asked for a pouch with a lot of space in it!
The second pouch wasn't based on her mosaic, but from reading her blog and looking through flickr I knew she's a lover of brights!
Of course I made the lining orange as a nod to her blog name!
I added in some vintage trims that I had found while thrifting since her flickr profile says she likes them!
With few fabric scraps thrown in for good measure and a little note, the package was complete.
Here it is all wrapped and ready to be sent.
I also received my package from Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations around the same time.
Isn't it a gorgeous pouch?  You all know how much I love brights mixed with gray, so this pouch is perfect for me.  I was so happy to have it arrive at my door!  My favorite part of it is actually the back, just look at all those rainbow colored threads!
She included some fun colored zippers and a lovely note in the package as well.  I'm sure the zippers will be put to good use for more pouches, I can definitely say I'm addicted to making them now!
Thank you so much Megan for the wonderful package!  This was a really fun swap and I'm sure I'll be participating again in the future.


  1. Gorgeous pouches, all of them! Makes me want to join in with the swapping fun next time around!

  2. Love the rainbow of threads on your pouch. What a great idea!

  3. Love all the pouches. I would love to see a tutorial for the first pouch that you made-very clever!

  4. Those are cute! Happy swap Holly! :)

  5. All those bags and pouches are wonderful, if the weather wasn't so nice here, I'd be trying to make some too!

  6. Oh, I do love zippy pouches. What a zesty and cheerful set you have!


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