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As promised, here are some pictures of my sister Lindsay's wedding this past week.  It was a small destination wedding on the beach, and it was lovely!  I played photographer while the girls got ready, so most of these pictures are of the wedding prep.

Here's the beautiful bride, ready to get all done up.
 The bridesmaids put together the flower arrangements, I love the lemons at the bottom of the vase!
 This little girl and her sister were so cute and well behaved.
 My sister Gaby painting her nails...check out the updo that I did for her, inspired by this one on Pinterest.
 Lindsay's sister Stephanie, arranging flowers.
Our sister Dani, proud of her lantern assembly skills.
 The other adorable little one, watching The Princess and the Frog.
 Gaby doing Lindsay's sister Alyssa's hair.
Lindsay's hair getting started.

Alyssa's hair in a fishtail braid.
 Lindsay carried this orange folder with her everywhere!  All of the wedding contracts, etc. were in there.

 Almost finished.
Some of the other floral arrangements.

 The bride, checking our her hair in the mirror.
Walking down the aisle with our dad (right) and her stepdad.  My camera started having humidity issues at this point.
 Lindsay and Jay getting married!
 Exchanging rings..
 and sharing a kiss.
 Walking back down the aisle as husband and wife!
 She is one happy, gorgeous bride!
This photo of my dad and sister Dani is one of the best pictures I've ever taken.  Can you feel the love here? It makes me cry!

 My dad and I in front of the ocean.
 Gaby making her usual silly faces.
 The bride and her proud father!
 Dad congratulating the happy couple.
 The little ones again, looking cute.
 Gaby enjoying her first vacation on the ocean.
 Somersaulting in celebration!
Congrats Lindsay and Jay!


  1. What lovely pictures! You and your sisters look so much alike :)

  2. I was going to say the same thing- you guys all have very similar facial features! I bet their pictures turned out gorgeous- how could they not with that beautiful ocean as a backdrop :)

  3. Love your pictures. I love the decorations! The flowers in the glasses with lemons is adorable!

  4. The bride looks so happy and beautiful, her joy is just bursting out of her. I wish her and her husband much happiness. Great photos, lots of pretty, fun details.

  5. What a lovely day! I am in awe of that braid updo you did for your sister. Do my hair like that at the summit, K?

  6. Wonderful photos. Such a happy occasion.


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