7 friday.


So happy today is Friday! The day was started off right with some fun mail that arrived at my doorstep.
Fabric!! I haven't bought fabric in forever. Seriously, the last fabric I bought was some Habitat in April! But I needed to pick up some things for Sewing Summit swaps and a quilt I'll be making when I get back, so I added in a few extras (okay, more than a few) to add to the stash. I've been doing a good job of using what I have here but I'm a little sick of using the same prints all the time. Hopefully this will help with that.  I picked up some Heirloom, 1001 Peeps, and the Tarika print by Dena Fishbein in a few colors (love that print!).   I have another smaller shipment coming on Monday as well.

I made a new camera strap last night to go over my Nikon strap.  Made of gray corduroy, the Dasha print from Alexander Henry Fashionista, and some linen for a little pocket to hold my lens cover.
I used some gold faux leather to close off the ends.  It's a semi permanent solution since I stitched the ends to the black strap, but if I unpick a couple stitches I can have my normal Nikon strap back if I don't end up liking this one.  
One more week until Sewing Summit!  I am getting ridiculously nervous.


  1. I love your stack of fabric

    I love your camera strap (That gold is perfect!)

    I love Friday

    The end.

  2. Oh your camera strap is beautiful! My sister bought me a camera strap cover years ago (before I started sewing) and it's almost to the point of disintegration, I really ought to make myself a new one. I never thought to sew it to the existing strap - good idea!

  3. Lovely stack of goodies you have there! And your camera strap is so fun! That Alexander Henry Dasha is a favorite, for sure. I used it on the interior of the Jane Market Bag I carry most often.

  4. Love that camera strap and how clever to add a pocket for the lens cap! I am always looking for somewhere to put the darn thing!

  5. Hey now, what's there to be nervous about? You're going to have a great time.

    P.S. I just finished my laptop cover =)

  6. Can't wait to see what you make next!

  7. testing, I've been unable to leave comments this weekend...


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