3 more photography.


I'm not sure if you all hate the photo posts lately, but I've been taking a lot of pictures... so hopefully you're not too sick of them.  Earlier this summer I had a little photoshoot with my sister to practice a bit before taking her boyfriend's senior pictures.  I finally got around to uploading them to flickr last night, so here are some of my favorites.


I love my photo sessions with Gaby, we have so much fun.  It's easy to take cute pictures when you've got a cute subject!


  1. Adorable! She looks like the actress from Secret Life of the American Teenager.

  2. I really like you portrait work! The photos you posted here and the senior pics are so relaxed and fresh and I love that they incorporate colour and texture in the backgrounds!

  3. Wow, Holly, these are really, really good. I'd hire you! I hope you're taking your camera to the Summit. You'll have awesome action shots!


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