6 november blocks.


I am so behind on blogging and blog reading! The Christmas making and baking are in full effect, and I'm just trying to get it all done in time. I'm planning to take a few extra days off next week to finish everything. On top of the usual holiday stress, we are starting our master bathroom renovation the day after Christmas. We're busy ordering all of the supplies we need so we can make a big dent in the renovation during our week off before the new year. Maybe I'll post more about the bathroom plans this week if I have time!

Here are my November blocks for the Inspire circle of do.Good Stitches. Becky asked for Bottled Rainbow blocks in a smaller size. I had orange and green!
 These blocks are a great way to use up scraps!
 I realized just how many green scraps (and scraps in general) I have while making this block.  I definitely need to spend some time organizing them a little better.
I didn't have many orange scraps, so I actually had to cut into a few fabrics just for this block.  I guess I should start using more orange!

15 fainting couch love.


Our fainting couch just got delivered in all of its reupholstered beauty yesterday!  It's completely transformed!
It's a far cry from what it looked like two weeks ago.
The fabric is Robert Allen Cameo Ovals in Bleached White...which is really a silvery gray color.
 The wood looks so much richer against the light colored fabric.
 I asked the upholsterer to add nailhead trim along the edges, I love the extra sparkle it adds!
Now I just need my husband to help me move it into it's spot in the living room.  It weighs a ton!

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