15 fainting couch love.


Our fainting couch just got delivered in all of its reupholstered beauty yesterday!  It's completely transformed!
It's a far cry from what it looked like two weeks ago.
The fabric is Robert Allen Cameo Ovals in Bleached White...which is really a silvery gray color.
 The wood looks so much richer against the light colored fabric.
 I asked the upholsterer to add nailhead trim along the edges, I love the extra sparkle it adds!
Now I just need my husband to help me move it into it's spot in the living room.  It weighs a ton!


  1. Absolutely stunning!!! That fabric is perfect!

  2. Love it! Such a great decision to take home that piece!!

  3. Whoa. Holly, every home decor post you make, my jealousy level climbs! ;) Seriously. You've got some fantastic taste.

  4. Whoa Holly! That is stunning! Fantastic fabric choice. Your upholsterer did a great job!

  5. OMG I am so jealous! It is so beautiful!

  6. Officially jealous! The couch turned out fantastic. The fabric was a perfect choice.

  7. How lucky you are to have a husband that lets you buy such things. So beautiful...


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