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Yep, I've caught the knitting bug.  It started shortly after Sewing Summit.  After seeing all the pretty honey cowls being stitched up there, I wanted to make one myself.  And well, one turned into three, and now I can't stop.
This is the one I just finished, a late Christmas gift for my sister-in-law.  I gave the other two away without taking proper pictures, other than a few Instagram shots.

  I love how cuddly and warm these cowls turn out when they're finished.

Here's the one I just started this week for myself.  It's an alpaca/wool blend that I got from a local alpaca farm/yarn shop called Rainbow Yarn & Gifts.  The color is lemon chiffon, it's kind of like a citron-y yellow.

Here's my little furry alpaca friend I met at the farm.  Isn't he the cutest?
It's nice to have a yarn store in the area, I'll definitely be visiting again.  I might have to pick another pattern to work on soon so I can learn a few more stitches and have an excuse to buy more yarn!
Any recommendations for what I should knit next?  I'm thinking one of these herringbone cowls would be fun to try!


  1. I'd love to try alpaca yarn! I've picked up knitting again this winter after years off, and I'm obsessed! Every singe night I'm at home watching tv...knitting needles are in hand!

  2. Your cowl looks great! I've just been trying to do some more knitting, too. I'm on my last repeat for a pattern called the Vite Cowl. It's a free download from Ravelry. I didn't use the specified yarn because I wanted to use something in my stash, so my cowl is turning out a lot less bulky, but I think I'm going to love it.

  3. Nice work, Holly. I took a knitting class recently and never felt more awkward. Tried circular needles a few years ago and much preferred that experience. I think I will focus on sewing and embroidery for now. Look forward to your knitting successes. Post all!

  4. I found your blog through pinterest (I think) and I love what you're doing over on this small space of the interwebs! :) Learning to knit and quilt are both on my to do list for the year and your quilt tutorials are instilling loads of confidence in me. Thanks for sharing and I'm looking forward to more posts!




  5. They are addictive little suckers!

    Beautiful work.

  6. I wish I had a local yarn store nearby! Oh well...the cowl is so very pretty. Good job. I just finished knitting a scarf for a friend with a free pattern I got on ravelry. It's the One-row Lace Scarf. http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Kellbell6/one-row-lace-scarf

    It only uses knit, knit 2 together and a wrap-around...all easy to do and an easy pattern to follow. Good luck on your next project!

  7. Like I said over on ravelry, that color is fabulous! And I love the yellow you chose for yourself. I bet it's cozy soft. Alpaca is such a great feeling fiber.

    If you'd like, feel free to browse through my queue over on ravelry. There are so many wonderful patterns available. Are you wanting to stick with cowls for now? If so, one I've been wanting to knit is the Turning Stone Cowl. It's beautiful, and would look great in a variegated yarn, too!

  8. Oh, I've just started on one of these myself with some slippery soft wool/silk blend yarn. I'm hoping it will have enough body to not turn to mush. Off to update my ravelry que right now!

  9. Had to go download that pattern, trying to figure out how to do the stitches, all I know is knit and purl! LOL (maybe there's a you tube video? ) There are several local wool spinners I will go visit to find some special wonderful wool to do this with. Great for in front of a sun filled window during this cold winter! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. OH and YES, I love the Jeni's bag pattern, made several at Christmas time for gifts, and I too have a stack of fabric for future bags! The possibilities are endless!

  11. You are so talented! that scarf if awesome :)


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