6 catching up on do.Good Stitches.


I finally finished the top of my do.Good Stitches quilt from September last weekend.  Why it took me so long to sew these blocks together, I have no idea.  But we're using February to finish all of our previous quilts so it was perfect timing.
I added some borders along the width of this quilt to make it a little wider.  I don't like really long and skinny quilts, the proportions just aren't right to me.  Since this one was 4 blocks wide by 6 blocks long, it needed something to make it wider.
I love this quilt!  The color scheme and the blocks are so much fun.  The ladies of the Inspire circle did a fantastic job putting these blocks together.
I figured out what I'm using for backing on this quilt, now I just have to find the time to baste and quilt it.  Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to get this one checked of my never ending list of WIPs.
I also finished up my January blocks for Heather this week.  She wanted string blocks using Ashley's tutorial They were fun to make...but took a lot longer than they should have since the first two I made were 1/2" too small!  That's what I get for cutting my foundation paper while chatting with a friend.
 I'd love to make an entire quilt like this at some point, it's such a good use for scraps!
 This is definitely going to be a happy quilt when it's finished!
Hope you all have a nice weekend!


  1. They look great. I think it is fun to see finished tops. Thanks for sharing

  2. those string blocks are so fun! they are going to make such a bright fun quilt!

  3. Those string blocks are positively brilliant! Your fabric choices are gorgeous.

  4. Love those string blocks! The colors are so fresh and fun. The quilt too turned out great too!

  5. the finished top is awesome! i loved the color scheme, thinking i need to make myself one :) and i feel the same way about the string blocks, so happy and fun!


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