9 this week.


As usual, I took a lot of instagram pictures this week!  Here's a little summary.

I spent last weekend in Appleton for my sister's dance competition.  We shopped, ate Mexican food and drank margaritas, and watched a whole lot of dancing.  My sister's team did amazingly well and won a ton of awards.

My husband bought me flowers this week!  He's so sweet.
I found this picture of us at about 17, we look so young here!  So happy that we had the chance to grow up together.
I painted my nails a bright coral color (Rimmel Sunset Orange) this week, the pop of color makes me happy every time I look at my hands.
We made some delicious dinners this week, including homemade pizzas (the crust was so good!)
 and pasta with lemon garlic butter sauce and prosciutto wrapped asparagus.  Yum!
Progress is being made on our master bathroom, so maybe our bedroom won't look like this for too much longer!
 We're almost finished waterproofing the shower, and then we can start installing tile!
I've been working on my herringbone cowl at night.  I'm  not enjoying the process as much as I did with the honey cowls, but I know I'll love it when it's finished.
 I finished quilting this quilt last night!  I'll share proper pictures next week when it's finished.
We bought a new rug for the guest bedroom!  I love the pattern and the fact that it was on clearance.
I found two cute things while thrifting today, this awesome small metal globe and a milkglass vase (and yes, I already own two of this exact vase!).  I just can't get enough of the geometric shape of the bottom.
Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. That globe was a find! fantastic!

  2. OH man, I've never seen that shape milk glass. I absolutely love it! Love that picture of you as youngins, too. My man and I were high school sweethearts as well!

  3. oh that globe! love it! and the rug is so great! i love that fingernail polish, it is the best. i love having my fingernails painted a bright color, and that is a great color!

  4. my fiance and i met when i was 16 and he was 17 (and now we're both 29). isn't is so great knowing that you've both been through so much together! cute. can't wait to see your master bedroom finish. vicariously living through your house remodel (i'm living in a rental apartment and probably will be for years but i love all the inspiration!) :)

  5. aren't you two adorable! Great finds... and good luck getting the master bedroom done! :)

  6. Wow what a fun week. I love seeing the bathroom progress and tile will make such a huge difference. The finds and quilt are exciting as well.

  7. so many fun things here today! best wishes on your remodel! that is no fun while it's happening, but great when it's done. enjoy! :)

  8. I want that globe!! What a great find! And I love that photo of you & your husband! I totally agree- I love that my husband & I have been together since high school too- it's fun growing up together

  9. Such a cute picture of you and your honey! I love that nail polish; it looks summery! Also, that margarita looks tasty!


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