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My Flea Market Fancy bundle arrived this week!  I've been looking forward to getting this in my hands for quite some time.  I wasn't quilting when it came out the first time (and I'm not a fan of paying crazy prices for out of print fabric), so once I knew it was getting reprinted, I knew I had to have it!
As you can probably tell, I didn't buy a standard FQ or 1/2 yard bundle.  I knew there were some prints that I would use a lot more than others, so I bought different amounts of each.  The leaf and posie prints are cute, but not something I see myself using much outside of quilts made with the whole collection, so I bought a 1/2 yard of each of these.
I bought a 1/2 yard of each of these more geometric type prints, primarily because they have multiple colors in them, and I tend to use more one color + white prints than multicolored ones.  Again, I doubt I'll use these much outside of quilts with the whole collection.
I bought a yard of each of the flower and dot prints, because I love dots and use them a ton and they are all one color + white prints (even if there are different shades of each color in each print, they still read as purely green, red, and blue).
I bought a yard of each of the bouquet prints as well, because I love the print and the color combinations in each and I think they'll be great as pouches or bags, as well as in quilts.
Last but not least, the beloved seeds!  I bought 2 yards of the green and pink, and 3 yards of the gray.  I don't want to run out of these anytime soon, and because they're really basic (and essentially one color + white prints even though they have a tiny bit of brown in them) I will use them all the time.
I can't wait to cut into this collection!  I bought mine at Hawthorne Threads (and the green seeds are from ricrak on Etsy), but you may have to search a bit to find all of the prints!  It seems to be flying off the shelves everywhere.  

Happy Friday!!


  1. Heaven. I missed out on a few including the seeds so I need I to get more. It's quite fantastic

  2. I got a half yard bundle of the whole set too, with extra yardage of the seeds fabric- great minds think alike!

  3. i still haven't gotten any yet. i ordered some from brenda (pink castle) with her second order of it. she sold out!


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