8 a few foyer updates.


Awhile back I posted about how I'm going to take more pictures of areas of my house before they are completely finished.  This is another one of those posts!  The foyer in our house isn't at all the way we want it to look, but it is going to be a long time before we finish this room so right now I'm trying to make the best of what we've got!  Eventually the wallpaper will come down, the floors will be redone or stained darker, the trim will be white (in here and throughout the house) and the carpet on the stairs will be torn out.  Until then, I'm just happy to have a few things hanging on the walls and some furniture to fill the space!

I picked up a piano bench at a warehouse antique sale recently, cleaned it up a bit and put it in the nook near the stairs.  It's a nice place to set a bag down or sit down to tie your shoes!  The art and decorations will look a lot better once we paint the walls (most likely some sort of light gray), but it's better than looking at the bare wall.
 I added a small tray with some decorative items in it for a pop of color in the corner.
 We also got new rugs in here a few months ago which I love!
I picked up an old chair at the same antique sale, and reupholstered it with a random home dec fabric from my stash.  I don't think the chair will stay in here forever, but it works until I get some sort of little cabinet or table to put here.  Plus it matches the rug, which was a happy accident!

This little table has been in here since last October, but I hung a new mirror to fill the space above it earlier this year.
We also painted the door a peacock blue which kind of ties all of the blues together when it's open.  More on that subject once the project is finished... still need to paint a little more and repair some trim.
This room still needs a lot of work but it's feeling much more welcoming in here lately!


  1. I love the painting on the wall. I also love the fabric on the reupholstered chair. Nice home.

  2. I really love the rugs where did you get them?

  3. All the pops of color are so pretty.

  4. i really want you to decorate my house for me! xo

  5. You have some serious decorating skills! My house is so far from being homy, we hardly have any decorations. I love the character of the older homes too. We have tract homes here that are all cookie cutter, not cool.

  6. i adore how nothing is matchy-matchy and it all works!

  7. (and actually I love the woodwork here... everybody has white... this is refreshing and it looks great with the more contemporary touches!)

  8. Love the mirror. Any details on it? www.paperstarfish.prettyposies.com


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