12 a visit to whipstitch and some stash additions.


Pretty much the only time I stepped outside during our trip to Atlanta our Saturday trip to Whipstitch!  I was so excited to visit the store after reading Deborah's blog and visiting the etsy shop on occasion.

The outside of the store is so cute, I just love the aqua painted brick!
 We were greeted at the door by some Monsterz, along with a pretty dress and some fabric filled hoops.
 There were some amazing quilts hanging on the walls, and lots of pretty fabric to look at!
 More gorgeous dresses and bags throughout the store.
 And lots of gorgeous thread and embroidery floss!
 Shelves filled with modern fabric collections.
I think almost everyone was admiring this gorgeous Quilt Blocks line from Ellen Luckett Baker in the front window.  Ara Jane clearly couldn't resist it.
Ellen also made this HST quilt showcasing the line.  I love the addition of bright solids!
Here's Rachel sorting through the fat quarter bins.  Lots of good ones in there!
 Clearly all the fabric buying was making Jacey happy.
Deborah and her crew chatted with us while cutting all of our fabric finds.  They were all so wonderful and sweet!
 It was such a fun shopping experience!  Such a pretty store with pretty modern fabric.
 I hope I get to go back again someday!
As I mentioned last week, I saved some space in my luggage for my fabric purchases!  It was hard to resist all the pretty modern prints, and clearly I didn't try very hard.  I had most of the Summersville prints in my hands immediately after I walked through the door.  I can't resist a good color + white print, and these are all fantastic!
I picked up a few other fat quarters and half yards, including some Vintage Modern, Painter's Canvas, Monsterz, Hello Pilgrim, and Outfoxed.
I was so excited to find this Ruby Star Rising mustard Vintage Flowers print!  I bought enough to make a new bag!  I also got a fat quarter of the coveted typewriters straight from Melody Miller herself.
Some fat quarters of Quilt Blocks courtesy of Ellen Luckett Baker.  I just love the colors in this collection.
 A book I've been eyeing for quite awhile, Zakka Style thanks to the lovely Rashida Coleman-Hale.
 And she even signed it for me!
My luggage was definitely heavy on the way home, but it was well worth the extra pounds to bring all of this with me!


  1. beautiful! looks like you guys had so much fun. :) now I think I need to place yet another fabric order.

  2. So fun! I love every piece of fabric you bought! :-)

  3. I love all the fabric and you all look like you had a blast!!

  4. Nice fabric selection!! Looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend!

  5. these pictures are so good! Deborah should pay you to use them as ads :)

  6. i totally agree with jessica! deborah could pay you in fabric! i had such a great weekend with you! i can't wait for next time! xo

  7. What an awesome shop..I love their space. I hope I get to visit there someday!

  8. Good golly, that's a big stack. You must have been sneaky... I had no idea! But you're right, Summersville totally won my heart in person.

  9. You took some lovely photos, Holly! And you came away with great new fabric, too! I haven't decided what to do with the stack of Summersville I've got, but I know you'll find a very fun use for yours!

  10. I had SUCH a good time with all of you, and can't imagine why I look so serious here--I was laughing the whole time! Love all the fabric you chose, and hope you'll come back again soon--would be fun to visit some more!

  11. Great photos Holly! Visiting Whipstitch was such a treat! I hope I get to again!!


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