5 typewriter ipad case.


I hope you all had a nice weekend!  I spent most of my weekend quilting my triangle quilt and sewing up this iPad case for my partner in a swap.
My partner seems to love Melody's typewriters (seriously, who doesn't?!) so I had to add one to the outside of this case!  I was inspired by Amber's awesome cases, of course.
I used some faux suede fabric for the top panel, a Lecien Color Basics print for the outside and inner pocket lining, and some Modern Whimsy Circles for the lining.  The green matches perfectly with the heart on the typewriter print!
I used Faith's tutorial for the case with a few slight modifications.  I highly recommend the tutorial!  I would recommend adding an extra 1/4" or so to the measurements if you plan to use batting or thicker interfacing (I used canvas as my interfacing here) and you happen to have a 1st generation iPad.  Mine fits rather snugly inside.
I really hope my partner likes this case!  I've got some extra goodies to put together and then I'll ship this off to her.


  1. Awww, it's so fun! And I love the LW circle print with the typewriter. I bet your partner will ha a happy recipient!

  2. love the green circles and green zipper-it's perfect! Need to use my typewriters soon

  3. your partner is going to love this! xo

  4. You have such an amazing eye for aesthetics! I really don't think any partner of yours would be upset in a swap! I was thinking it would be fun to be in a sewing swap--where do you find them? I love this case! :)

    1. Thank you Kitty! Try searching flickr for swaps, you'll find a ton of them there! :) Just search the flickr groups for sewing swaps.


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