7 cosmos collection.


When Laura Gunn asked if she could send me a charm pack of her new Cosmos Collection (due to be released in September), I couldn't say yes fast enough!  I love the painterly quality of Laura's prints, and this collection seriously does not disappoint.
She sent along some coordinating colors of Painter's Canvas as well (Candy, Lemon, Sky, Indigo, Mustard, Red, Mermaid, Brown, Parchment, and Peach).  The colors are all so beautiful!  Painter's Canvas is one of my favorite almost-solids, and these are just begging to be paired with Cosmos.
These charms are already arranged and ready to be made into a pretty quilt!  Less than a half hour from the front door to the design wall.  I think that's a new record :)


  1. Oh, these are fun! I agree - the painters canvas is one of my faves too.

  2. Thanks, Holly. I can't wait to see what you make.

  3. An amazing combination. What fun.

  4. You are so, so lucky, Holly! I know you'll do these lovelies justice.

  5. you lucky lucky girl! i know you will make the most beautiful quilt and she will be so happy! xo

  6. So pretty! I agree the painter feel really adds to this fabric. Any ideas about what you will make with it?


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