2 Flanged Pillow Tutorial.


It's no secret that I love decorating my house, so I think it makes sense for me to start sharing some tutorials for items for our homes!  The easiest way to switch up your home decor is with pillows, so I'm going to start there!  Today I'm going to show you how to make some classic flanged pillow covers.

You will need:
Fabric (quilting cotton or home decor fabric) for pillow front & pillow back (yardage determined by size requirements below).  I used Lux metallic prints from Timeless Treasures
Muslin for lining the front & back of the pillow, if using quilting cotton or other thin fabrics (yardage determined by size requirements below)
Coordinating thread
Rotary cutter & ruler

Determining Pillow Size & Yardage:
Since pillow sizes vary so much, I'm going to give you the calculations to make your own size, rather than giving instructions for a specific sized pillow.
Unless your Front Panel Height + 2*Back Panel Height is less than 42", the required fabric yardage will be Front Panel Width*2.  If you are using different fabrics for the front and back for your pillow, your yardage of the front fabric will be Front Panel Width, and your yardage of the back fabric will also equal Front Panel Width.

These measurements might seem complicated but they are actually really simple once you start plugging numbers in! :)


Step 1:  Cut your fabric & muslin.  You'll need to cut 1 front fabric and 1 muslin piece, each Front Panel Width x Front Panel Height.  You'll cut 2 back fabric and 2 muslin pieces, each Back Panel Width x Back Panel Height.

Step 2:  Lay one of the back pillow fabric panels right side down, and layer the muslin on top.  Align the edges.  Fold the edge of one of the long sides up 1", and then another inch to enclose the raw edges and create the hem.  Pin into place.

Step 3:  Topstitch along the hem with a 1/4" seam allowance, and then topstitch again with a 1/2" seam allowance.

Step 4:  Repeat steps 2-3 on the other back panel pieces.

Step 5:  Place front pillow fabric on top of the front muslin piece, with the right side of the pillow fabric facing up.  Then, place one of your back pieces wrong side facing up, with the unfinished edges of the front and back panels aligned along the bottom edge.  

Step 6:  Place the remaining back panel right side down with the hem facing the center, and the top unfinished edge aligned with the top edge of the front panel.  Pin the layers along all sides.

Step 7:  Stitch around all four sides using your determined seam allowance (I used 3/8" here).  Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Step 8:  Clip the corners, being careful not to cut the threads.

Step 9:  Turn the pillow cover right side out through the envelope closure opening.  Push the corners out with a turning tool to get them nice and pointy.  Press the seams open.

Step 10:  Now we are going to create the flange.  Topstitch along all four sides of the cover using your determined flange size (I used 1" here).  Backstitch at the beginning and end.

Step 11:  Stuff the cover with your pillowform. 

That's it!  Now make a bunch more and redecorate your house with them :)
  Here's a closeup of the envelope closure on the back.
 Look at those pretty flanged edges!
I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  

Thanks to Timeless Treasures for providing the gorgeous Lux metallic fabrics I used to make these.


  1. The pillows are so glitzy! You always do such a wonderful job on your tutorials, Holly! Thanks for sharing!

  2. great tutorial holly! thanks for sharing!


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