5 saturday stash.


It was a good week for fabric stashing here!  In addition to those adorable Don't Be Crabby prints I shared yesterday, I also picked up some other things!

I added some missing prints to my Good Folks stash!  I've decided to try to finish collecting all of the prints in this collection so I can make a special quilt with them at some point.  Only a few prints left to go and I'll have them all!
I took advantage of the Labor Day sale at Pink Castle Fabrics and picked up some fun prints I've been eyeing.  A green pindot from Fly a Kite, anchors from Out to Sea, the elusive Memoir text print from Madrona Road, and a beautiful teal and silver metallic French Labels print from Kokka!
Also, BELLA!  I bought a ton of yardage, which I'm planning to use for pillows and who knows what else.
 These prints just speak to me and I know I will use them up!

Here's a coupon alert for those of you who are fabric shopping this weekend... Pink Castle Fabrics is offering 15% off all Stash Builders (now conveniently color coded in the shop!) when you use the code STASH15!

Don't forget to enter the Bella giveaway from Stash Fabrics this weekend too if you haven't yet!  It will be closing on Monday.  Take a visit to the Stash shop too while you're at it and pick up some pretty new fabric!  Maybe those Nursery Versery cheaters to make a wholecloth quilt, or some Cocoon which is on sale!  Or these label panels from Riley Blake, which are a pretty cool way to label your handmade projects!

Happy shopping :)


  1. oh do tell where you picked up that good folks? my fabric stash will thank you. hubby will not!

  2. Loving the Good Folks! That is the discontinued one right? or at least really hard to find.

  3. if you need any echo yardage to go with that Bella, my lqs still has most of it...
    and you convinced me to get the chicopee... /hanging head in shame... ;)

  4. You picked some great stashings! I really do love the teal metallic print. I got a little of that as well!

    1. Thanks Jacey! I'm testing my new threaded comment system... hopefully this works! :)


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