8 so much sewing!


You know those weeks where you're sewing more than you're blogging?  This is one of those!  Here's my attempt to catch up on the things I've been working on.

First, off, I'm making progress on my pillow for the Pillow Talk Swap!  I'm piecing the borders on these hexies using partial seams, which are really not that scary once you get the hang of them.
I added the borders to my Cosmos butterflies quilt!  I really want to get the back made for this quilt soon so I can start quilting it!  I might even attempt to FMQ it, even though it's not exactly my forte.
I finished two pillow fronts for my Don't Be Crabby pillows!  Two more to go, and then I need to quilt them and add the backs!
I've been obsessed with making tea towels this week!  These are made out of the new Timeless Treasures line, Urban Suburban, which is debuting at quilt market.  They are seriously the cutest prints, and making tea towels is so quick and easy!  Tutorial coming soon for these.
I think that's all for today!  We're going out with friends to watch the Tigers game tonight, so no more sewing for me!  Hope you're all having a nice Wednesday :)


  1. Those tea towels are just so fun!

  2. I think everyone should sew more than blog! :)

  3. Wow so much to love here. I can't wait to see where you go with the PTS project. And I love the towels and ric rac added! Pretty!

  4. Holy cow, I love your PTS progress!!! If I'm your partner, I'm definitely a happy camper :)

  5. Whew, you have been busy. Those tea towels are very unexpected and fun. Glad to hear that the hexagon piecing isn't too awful, cause I've got to do that soon...

  6. Wow, so much color!! You're pictures all look so bright and fun! I need some cheery sewing -- I have been working on nothing but Birthday Crown orders and I'm starting to lose it! Thanks for the eye candy Holly!!

  7. I have been having a couple weeks like this lately! lol Love the stuff you are working on!

  8. i love those tea towels. such a great idea and they are so bright and happy! i love the quilt. so so pretty!


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