11 kawaii winter wonderland.


Have you seen the latest pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery?  The last thing I need is another hobby, but I just couldn't resist this cute Kawaii Winter Wonderland cross stitch pattern!  It's a mystery sampler, so each week you get an email from Amanda and Ashleigh that unveils the next 5 little squares of cuteness.  There are 25 total, so it's perfect for a Christmas Advent calendar!
I finished up my first square today after spending hours on it last night.  I'm so slow!  But it's turning out really cute!  You can't really see the white number "1" on the fabric I picked (I am clueless about cross stitching and randomly picked up this piece of aida cloth awhile back) but I still like it.  I might add a light gray to highlight the number at some point, but I'll wait to see how the next few turn out first.
If you're interested in this pattern, it's on sale for $10 until November 10th!  You can also find Cosmo floss kits for the pattern at The Workroom.

I'm looking forward to spending some quality time on the couch this weekend stitching up the next square! :)  I'll be sharing more progress shots of this over on Instagram I'm sure, using the hashtag #kawaiiwintersampler.  I'd love to see your progress if you're stitching too!  Hope you all have a nice weekend!


  1. It's super cute Holly! I love that the pattern is digital on your iPad. :) And I am SO SLOW too.

  2. Fun, I can't wait to see how yours turns out! I am making one too - and just about to get started on it.

  3. That is so cute! I'll have to check out that pattern. Just backstitch around the number with one strand of gray and you should be good to go:)

  4. I downloaded it last night! I am totally stitching this with you! I love cross stitching :) Thanks for pointing it out so I could find it.

  5. Oooohhh...downloaded. This is perfect for Christmas gifts for my kids' teachers.

    Thanks for posting about this!


  6. I bought mine last night. Can't wait to start. Thanks for letting me know about this pattern ;)
    Happy Stitching!

  7. i have been trying to withstand the temptation! i am caving!

  8. LOVE it -- and I just signed up! :)

  9. Yep, I signed up for this last week, although I haven't made a stitch yet. But it was irresistible! I just love the Frosted Pumpkin patterns.

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