8 sewing progress.


I was feeling a little uninspired last week as far as blogging was concerned, so it was nice to take a little break!  It definitely helped, and I find myself looking forward to posting this week!  Just because I wasn't blogging doesn't mean I wasn't sewing though; I actually made a decent amount of progress on things.

I finished making hexagons for my PTS9 pillow and started joining them together!  I should be able to finish the rest pretty quickly.
I also made some progress on this Simply Color Ombre quilt!  It's all pieced, but I have some work left to do before I can quilt it.
I finished two more days of my Kawaii Winter Wonderland sampler!  Looking forward to later this week when I'll have time to work on this again!  I've really been enjoying seeing all the samplers pop up on Instagram (use hashtag #kawaiiwintersampler to add your photos)!
Here's my sampler so far!  I'm omitting the kawaii faces on the ornaments and such.  I think they're really cute but I think I'll be happier with it in my own house without all the extra eyes :)
In other exciting news... today is move-in day!  We're finally moving our stuff back into our bedroom tonight!  It's been 11 months since I've slept in there, so I am very excited about this!  It will feel good to have things back to normal again, and in a much prettier version of our bedroom!  Pictures to come soon :)


  1. Just look at those hexagons! congrats on the move back to the bedroom. 11 months - wow!

  2. 11 months is forever! By the time you get in there it may not feel like your room anymore :-). I'm glad you had a good week of relaxing sewing rather than blog sewing.

  3. Love your WIP!!! I might do the same with the eyes on the sampler... still not made up my mind :p

  4. Love the look of those hexies framed in white!

  5. i love everything you make! how was sleeping in your room last night? ;)

  6. oh my goodness - your hexies are adorable! (my six year old son taught me today that it is not cool to say that things are "cute", but "adorable" is acceptable! :)

  7. hexies are just a masterpiece!!!! How you have made this withe edge around them? I'm amazed!

  8. I also am dying to know how you made your hexies with the white frame around them. It really makes the bright fabric you've used pop.


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