10 Pattern Review: {LBG Studio} Accent Fold Over Pouch


Hello!  Happy Monday!  After a week of sickness, I am glad to say that I'm on the mend.  Sorry for the silence!  Today is my stop on the Happy Little Pouch Hop!  I'm excited to share the new fold over pouch that I made yesterday and talk a little bit about the Leather Accent Fold Over Pouch Pattern from LBG Studio.
In short, this pattern is awesome!  Honestly, I've made a ton of pouches in my day and this is the best, most professional looking one I've made so far.  Vanessa gives some really helpful hints in order to make your pouch look really great, and to make the zipper tabs on the ends look really clean when it's finished.
I'm sure you all know by now that photography is really important to me, and the pictures in this pattern are perfect!  Between the pictures and the detailed instructions, I had no problems figuring out what I was supposed to do during each step.  It only took me about an hour to put mine together, and I was taking my sweet time! :)  I think a beginner could very easily make one of these pouches by following the pattern as well.
One of the things I like best about this pattern is that the design is very cute and on trend at the moment.  It's a clutch that I could see myself actually taking out with me, which honestly doesn't happen very often!  I prefer handmade items that don't actually look "handmade" if you know what I mean?  This clutch definitely fits that criteria thanks to Vanessa's pattern!

For my pouch, I used a linen Kokka print called French Labels in Blue, a gold metallic faux leather that I got years ago, and Palm Springs in Uptown from Jay McCarroll's Center City for the lining.  I used a mid-weight twill for the interlining.

If you want to join in on the Happy Little Pouch Hop, here's the schedule!

Monday 11/26: Emily from Mommy's Naptime and Elaine from Dashasel Sews
Tuesday, 11/27: Courtney from Mon Petit Lyons and Lucy from Charm About You
Wednesday, 11/28: Hollie from Undercover Crafter and Katie from Katie's Korner
Thursday, 11/29: Lindsay from Lindsay Sews and Michelle from I Like Orange
Friday, 11/30: Sara from Sew Sweetness, Cindy from Adventures of the Singing Quilter, and Jennifer from Ellison Lane Quilts
Monday, 12/3: Holly from Bijou Lovely and Heidi from Fabric Mutt
Tuedsay, 12/4: Elizabeth from Don't Call Me Bets and Emily from Mle BB
Wednesday, 12/5: Shruti from 13 Woodhouse Road and Liz from Dandelion Daydreams
Thursday, 12/6: Beth from Plum and June and Kaelin from The Plaid Scottie
Friday, 12/7: Emily from Mommy's Naptime and Elaine from Dashasel Sews

Please join us in the fun and share your pouches in the Flickr group. At the end of each week there will be some great prizes to award! 


  1. Holly, thanks for such an awesome review!!! You rock :) The bag is gorgeous and I think I'm going to have to track down some gold leather!!

  2. I love your version! It's fabulous. Very Holly!!

  3. I love that gold on the bottom. Such a cool pouch.

  4. Thanks for the review! I may have to make some Christmas gifts from this pattern...

  5. Such a pretty bag!!! Perfect for the Holidays...

  6. That is SO cute. Any tips for sewing that leather? I tried a while back and the back side looked wretched.

  7. Love this pouch especially your use of the leather! I bought some leather last year but am still too nervous to try an sew with it!

  8. Please teach me how to make handmade things that don't look handmade! Haha, mine all still look like I've been crafting them at age 12. Cute clutch!


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