8 wiksten tank and a few updates.


I made myself a Wiksten tank this week! I had to justify the massive amounts of voile headed my way from Sew, Mama, Sew's $6 sale by saying I was going to make some new shirts for myself, so I made this as a wearable muslin from some thrifted fabric I had found last week.

World's worst picture of myself, sorry!  Was trying to take this fast this afternoon and my dog was jumping at my feet the entire time.  He's high maintenance.  This tank fits nicely with my jeans-tank-sweater uniform!  I feel like I wear the same thing every day.

I wish I knew what this fabric is.  It's woven and pretty flowy/silky like voile, but I don't think it's voile!  It was an awesome find though for $2 for 2.5 yards.

In other news, I've updated my blog design again.  Still a work in progress but I think I like it!

I also finally was able to buy bijoulovely.com!  So both bijoulovely.com and bijoulovelydesigns.com will lead you here now.  I've been trying to do that for about 3 years now, glad the squatters finally gave up :)  And my twitter name now matches my instagram name: @bijoulovely.  Victory on all counts this week with branding!


  1. cute tank and I love the blog look. :) beautiful holly.

  2. Thrift store fabric finds are the best! I have found some really great backings for quilts at our local thrift store.
    Great job on the shirt - looks great.
    Congrats on getting your domain name as well.

  3. i love this tank and fabric. great find! also your site looks awesome. ive been working on my redesign for months and its so hard. you did great.

  4. ooooh i love the tank! whenever i find a mystery silky/nice print fabric like that it ends up being polyester and then i feel all bad about it being polyester. ha. anyway, it's great and so is your blog design!

  5. That fabric is perfect for that tank! Love it...I've had the pattern on my to do list forever because I just can't find the right fabric :(

  6. Wow, that IS such a find! This looks great, and I like that uniform combo myself :)

  7. I'm trying the tank now, and having trouble with the fit, any one have tips on an FBA?

  8. The whole deal is great, and I like the blue *jacket* you are wearing with the tank, did you make that as well...what pattern? I will continue to play with that Wiksten Tank until I get it right...so far, my boobs have messed it up...can't do a FBA, hope to learn that trick!


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