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Starting on a new quilt this week!  Finally going to cut into my Briar Rose, but I'm still not sure what to make yet.
I started pulling solids to coordinate and was really excited when that dark blue jumped out at me (Cotton Couture in Slate).  It's not in any of the prints but it looks really pretty next to them.
Now that I have a happy little rainbow to work with, I'm struggling to decide what kind of quilt to make!  I was thinking of trying something a little more traditional, maybe an On A Whim quilt after seeing Angela's gorgeous version.  I just want to make a baby quilt though and the blocks seem kind of big.  I just can't decide!
I have a few other ideas for quilts to make, so I hope to figure it out in the next couple days so I can start sewing.  November seems to be the month of baby showers for me so I can't waste too much time!
Have you made anything with Briar Rose?  Any go-to baby quilts?  I'd love to see them!

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  1. So yeah. I have a nearly identical pile (minus the blue) staring at me as we speak. Like the blue! I have a few ideas but haven't committed to anything yet so I haven't started cutting. There are a lot of cool ideas on Pinterest.

  2. I have a very similar pile sitting here (less the blue of which I do love, maybe I should go stash diving) my pile is going to become a On a Whim quilt :o)

  3. I haven't made a quilt from it (yet!), but I made the loveliest romper/jumpsuit for my baby, so perfect for little clothes.

  4. Love that blue! It's going to ground those brights a bit- smart choice! Can't wait to see what you decide on, and I'm sure it's going to be beautiful!

  5. I have a plan for mine - but have yet to cut into it. I want to be sure first. And with my crazy pregnancy brain - I'm not sure at all!

  6. I'm making a plus quilt for a baby quilt. I think your fabrics would look great in one of hem!

  7. I'm making a plus quilt for a baby quilt. I think your fabrics would look great in one of hem!

  8. Just so you don't think nobody is paying attention... I'm anxiously awaiting news of what you decided to do with Briar Rose. :)


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