4 I might be obsessed.


With painting that is.  Technically I used watercolor pencils for this, so it's more of a drawing/painting combo. 
These Supracolor pencils are really fun.  My sister bought them for me for Christmas, and I might have a larger set in my cart on Amazon because I want all the colors!
I really love feathers.  This one is inspired by this print by Satchel & Sage.  Their painting is much cooler than mine (and their shop is adorable!), but it's fun to practice.
I'll be starting a new painting project tomorrow at paint class, I still can't decide what to make.  Maybe another linens & lace pattern using my own design this time.
I need to put the brushes away and finish up my dresden quilt tonight.  It's almost finished!


  1. It's hard to decide what to do when you have two hobbies. I started doing crochet and sometimes, I feel like I'm letting sewing down !

    Thanks for the link to the shop. They make some pretty awesome prints and I've been looking to buy a few for my bedroom :)

  2. Beautiful. I really like this technique! Now all you need to do is frame it xx

  3. this feather is beautiful! don't feel bad about having a new passion. We sometimes enjoy the excitement of mearning something new! I am like that with sewing after many years of scrapbooking! I can't stop sewing !do what makes you happy!

  4. Great pencils - gorgeous present, I have to Keep this in mind ;-)


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