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I always seem to get on a knitting kick during the winter.  It's fun to be able to sit on the couch and watch tv with my husband while working on a project, and it's a nice break from sewing!  Over the past month I've been mostly working on my Follow Your Arrow shawl, but have been taking a break from all the lace knitting with more mindless projects that don't make my brain hurt.  I knit up my first two hats recently, one for me, and one for my husband.
Mine is a Dreieke hat, and I am in love with the yarn (Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino in Silver).  It's got amazing stitch definition!  Adam's hat is just a basic hat with stripes and made of Cascade 220 sport weight.  It's really soft!  I am not entirely happy with the fit of either hat if I'm being honest, but I think that is because of my stitching, not because of the patterns.  I think I need to go down a needle size next time, they're a little big.

I have decided that I'm going to try knitting a pair of socks soon, so I had to make a sock sack to hold them!  This pattern is really cute and easy.  I did change the top casing a bit to look more like Jeni's drawstring bag pattern!

I used a bunch of my favorite fabrics for the bag, including Tule, Spot On Tiny Dots, and Botanics.  The cute ruler trim is from my friend Jacey's shop!
These little bags are so fun to sew, they don't take much fabric and they go together really fast!  I might have to make one for each new pair of socks :)

I stopped at my local yarn store on Monday since I had the day off.  I bought some yarn to make a Reversible Strips Scarf, and I splurged on some new knitting needles too.  I wanted to get some interchangeable needles instead of buying a new pair every time I started a project.  I had gone back and forth between a set of Knit Picks, Hiya Hiyas, or Addi Turbo Lace.  I have heard good things about all the sets from friends who knit a lot more than I do, but I ultimately went for the Addi ones to support my local shop.  I love shopping there and visiting with the cute alpacas they have outside the store!
I am in love with the needles so far.  They are so smooth and easy to use!  I was worried I wouldn't like the metal ones since I usually use bamboo, but I think I actually like them better.  The sharp tips are really nice too!  It was a bonus for me that they came in this cute case.  It's pretty much the perfect color for me!

So I guess this means I'll have to keep knitting right?  I have some pretty hand dyed yarn coming to my house soon, I'll be sure to share pictures when it arrives!

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  1. I am really curious to know how smooth the transition is between the cord and the needle send if it often becomes unscrewed. I bought a pair send I am not happy. They are a different brand. I hope you'll let me know.


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