5 Hand Dyed Yarn Love.


I wanted to share the yarn that I dyed during the sewing retreat in a little more detail today!  I spent the whole afternoon and evening one day teaching Jacey and Deedee how to do it and then dyeing some of my own yarn.  It was a long day and our backs were sore when we were finished but it was really fun!

Here are all the skeins I dyed.  I didn't branch out much as far as colors were concerned, so they all kind of go together.

This skein of fingering weight MCN ended up being my favorite.  I copied one of the color schemes Deedee had come up with, and added some hot pink to make it my own!
This one is a mix of spruce, teal and seafoam.  It's not as exciting as some of the others but probably more practical :)
I love indigo and hot pink together, so I added those to this DK MCN along with some light gray and a spot of mottled color.  I'm really happy with this one too!
I was trying to channel my inner knottygnome for this one.  Her Electric Youth handspun yarn is so awesome, so I tried to use similar colors here.  It's really bright, but still not as cool as the handspun!
This is actually two skeins of DK MCN, which I dyed in an indigo bath that seemed to be a little defective!  It's not the deep indigo color I had hoped for (Jeni just dyed some this past week that turned out great!) but I do still like the muted blue color.
The dye process went much faster this time since I brought along an old microwave for us to use (you can't use it for food once you use it for yarn!).  It would've taken us forever to steam all of the yarn in a pot!  I am still totally in love with yarn dyeing, so it was definitely worth the microwave sacrifice.  Can't wait to do it again soon!


  1. beautiful yarns! dyeing is so much fun. can't wait to see what you do with your skeins.

  2. They are all really beautiful. I love how they all work individually but also mix together really well. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  3. all the colors are so great!!!

  4. Beautiful yarns. I love how you mix the colors. Well done!
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  5. I love how these all turned out. I have dyed yarn in the past, but it's been a few years. Where did you get your undyed yarn? Do you like it? -- Christy


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