8 Experimenting.


I've been experimenting a bit with block printing and hand painting fabric lately. It's really fun!

I've been really into simple, graphic, imperfect looking patterns lately, so I printed some up to include in a new quilt.

I love how they looked mixed in with these pretty prints!
These fabrics will all be included in a new traveling quilt project I am doing with a few friends.  I stitched up two starter blocks for the quilt and shipped them off this week to start the project. I've had this first block design in my head for awhile, just some simple pieced stripes with a gold heart appliqued on top!
My second block was improv pieced.  Just strips put together on different angles.  I mixed in my own prints in this one, which was fun!  Now I want to make an entire quilt like this.
Pretty happy with how these turned out!  I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes to add to the quilt.  You can follow along on Instagram under the #fantasticquiltvoyage hashtag.


  1. oh lala ! I love what you have made:) so modern! the colors are amazing and Ilove the carefree looking design ! love the repeated triangle pattern all over! genius!

  2. Very cool technique! Love the colors in the traveling quilt project!

  3. I LOVE the fabrics you made. Do you just use fabric paint for these? How do you get the paint to set so that it is washable? The fabrics are just lovely and your quilt blocks are too!

  4. What an awesome look with your fabrics and the others! I really like the modern look so far. I bet it will be fabulous! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  5. I love your own fabric! Colours are great!

  6. Incredibly beautiful and unique!

  7. Wow I love everything about this! You have a real eye for colour too (that's not a typo- I'm scottish hehe!) thanks for inspiring me.


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