6 Feeling Inspired.


I'm not sure what it is about that start of a new year that gets me so inspired. I've been making stuff lately, much more frequently than usual, which is pretty awesome! Part of it is that my busy season for photography has come to an end so I have more free time, but part of it is that I just have this desire to make. all. the. things. lately!

I picked up some Bluebird and Alison Glass Handcrafted Indigo since I've been loving the indigo and blues. The colors are just so beautiful! I got started on a new quilt design this week using these and have been really enjoying the process!

I finished up a scrappy trip quilt top a few weeks ago, which I started in November at a local sewing retreat. It's made with Alexia Abegg's Paper Bandana collection for Cotton & Steel. The squares finish at 1.5", they're pretty teeny!

Cloud 9 sent me some digital yardage of my Brush Strokes collection (releasing in June) so I could start stitching up some samples. I made a fun triangle quilt with it at the Stitch Supply Co sewing retreat last month. It was so nice to get together with my friends and sew!

I made a quick wonky log cabin quilt last week after starting it at another local quilting class (maybe the trick for me is to go to sewing events so I'm forced to sit down and sew?!). This is probably the fourth quilt I've made with Violet Craft's Brambleberry Ridge. It's just so pretty!

I've got a stack of unfinished quilts taunting me now. I used to be so good at quilting them right away! Not sure what happened there. I hope to start finishing these very soon! Right after I make another quilt top :)


  1. Lovely quilts. I really like the blues.

  2. Yay for making! I, too, am a big fan of those blues. Looking forward to seeing your pattern. Happy stitching!

  3. looking good! Maybe your inspiration will rub off on me....

  4. Love your triangle quilt with your new prints!

  5. Holly-- I love all of your quilts!!! I do the same as you; I start quilt top after quilt top and have about 8 now that need attention but I just want to start on new ones!! Hey, are you related to Heidi DeGroot?? Just wondering!!�� Thanks!!


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