2 handmade holiday: part three.


This next gift was also for my sister Dani.  She wanted a chain and pearl necklace similar to one that we saw at Ann Taylor Loft (I cannot find it on their website or I'd link to it).  This is what I came up with.
The necklace took a little longer to make than I expected, there were a lot of pearl chain links to make!  I didn't mind though since it was a craft I could do while watching TV.  That's one of the reasons I love making necklaces...I can do it from the couch.  Sadly, my sewing machine can't fit on my lap or I think I'd sew more often!  

I actually had cornflower/periwinkle colored ribbons instead of the metal chain attached to this at first, but ultimately decided that the silver chain would be more practical since it would match with more.  I might make another one of these with black ribbons attached though--possibly for this Etsy shop I've been considering?
Sorry for the grainy photo, it's hard to take pictures of myself in the mirror and keep the focus right!  If I was a good blogger I would have taken a picture of her wearing it, but alas, I'm not that on top of things.


  1. Wait - you mean it's not normal to move your sewing machine onto the coffee table so you can still sew AND watch TV? :)


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