2 handmade holiday: part two.


My little sister Gaby put in a specific request for her Christmas gift this year.  I had made this polka-dotted coin purse for her last year (and apparently hadn't quite perfected ribbon flowers) but after filling it to the brim for an entire year, she needed an upgrade.  
That upgrade was to come in the form of a slightly larger purse in zebra print.  I am personally not a huge fan of animal print, but since she asked nicely--which is rare for a 14 year old girl, I obliged.  Rather than buying some cheap polyester print fabric (which was really all that I could find) I decided that I'd make my own zebra print using home decor weight canvas with some black chiffon sewn on to look like stripes!  I love that it gives an otherwise plain coin purse a little texture.  The inside is lined with a melon colored flannel to add a little pop of color.
I'm happy to report that she loved her little purse as well, and has put another request in for a larger bag with a similar zebra print pattern for her birthday in April.  She asked nicely for that one too, so we'll have to see what comes out of it!


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