4 handmade holiday: part four.


I realize the holidays are now over, and I'm almost done sharing the things I made for Christmas gifts! A few weeks before Christmas, my Weddingbee friends and I had an ornament exchange. The goal was to make or buy an ornament in the likeness of their Weddingbee character. The only criteria was that it couldn't cost more than $15.  I set to work gathering inspiration by examining the character that I'd be making on Weddingbee.

Next I stopped at Michaels, where I ended up with some red, brown, black, and white colored clays, clear glaze, and some red and white ribbon. I consulted with my friend Dana the next day about the plan, since she is the expert on clay figures. Look at these adorable frog cake toppers she made for her wedding!  She also makes me a super cute winter clay ornament every year for my Christmas gift!  They are brightening up my desk at work all winter long.

After consulting with the pro, I went home that night and molded, shaped, baked, and glazed, and somehow came up with this little cutie in the likeness of one of my favorite crafty bees, Mrs. Yorkie!

I added a box of pawprint cookies (a little twist on my thumbprint version) and peppermint-chocolate sugar cookies for good measure, as I was sure her husband would appreciate sugary goodness more than he would clay puppies.

I packaged it all up in kraft paper boxes that I had decorated with wrapping paper, and tied them with pretty green bows.  Our little yorkie was ready to be delivered to her owner!


  1. Geez! That little dog is amazing - nice work! Great blog, following you now!

  2. You are SO talented! I love the way you wrote that you "somehow" created the Yorkie likeness.


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